This is the home of my new web series.  
The Adventures of Zsa Zsa Kitty Galore & Kiki Kitty

When I was a young thundercat, before I knew there was a such thing as a fashion designer, I said I would be an artists, specifically a cartoonist.  I practiced my sketching by looking thru my big brother's comic book collection.

I loved drawing people in motion, I loved the story telling.  

Zsa Zsa Kitty Galore is a character I came up with many years ago. In my quest to utilize all my gifts

I decided to create my own lane for my love of creating cartoons.


That's what this website is all about.

I'm a busy gal but I'll create these comic strips as often as possible.  Keep up with

"The Adventures of Zsa Zsa Kitty Galore and Kiki Kitty"

as I begin to teach myself computer animation. I hope you join me on my new discoveries as it evolves.

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Who's that girl?

It's Kiki Kitty behind the curtain.
- Queen of Artistic Expression -

Why I'm doing this

There was a time when I was more concerned about not rocking the boat than standing up for myself and my needs.

Although my true expression has always been thru art, I'm beginning to discover my voice and develop new super powers.

The quotes on these 2 tees are statements I've made along the way.

As The Adventures of Zsa Zsa Kitty Galore and Kiki Kitty unfold, I will introduce new quotes and new products. Join the adventure!

"Hell hath no fury like a woman who's found her power."

I surprised myself when I spewed these words. I was on the phone with my older sister and she was telling me a story about how she found the courage to stand up for herself.  This quote was my immediate response. We both paused and said. Wow... That was dope!

To me this means I'm not "taking yo shit" anymore. I'm bringing my needs to the forefront and if it's a problem... I ain't sorry.

Because we all know that those who matter, don't mind.

POWER ART--01.png

"When I grow up I wanna be a bitch"

I'm a boss. It wasn't until I became a boss and even more so when I started my own business that I realized the necessity of bossing up. That meant; being assertive, making tough decisions without hesitation and laying the smack down when needed.

If the same traits make a man a strong, decisive, good boss, then why does it make a woman a bitch?

So if the fear of being labeled a bitch is what prevents us from speaking up about demanding basic respect, equal pay, or simply letting people know you are the boss.... then we need to proudly claim our inner bitch.

Although I believe you catch more flies with honey, sometimes you just need to pull the bitch out.  Like Tina Fey said "Bitches get stuff done"